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Live Conference Call / Webinar

From anywhere in the World

May 19 and 26, 11:30 EST 

  • Working with Maria and my financial problems have been life Changing! Not only was I able to breack through my limiting beliefs relating to money, the next day I got a new client, sold many gift certificates and my husband was offered a job paying more and also brought him home the weekends. Keina Bryant Worrell. Tampa, FL US
  • Thank you so much Maria! When I contacted Maria I didn't know I was avoiding a huge stream of income. I have been coaching women for 10 Years and Maria was able to point out a new venue for me and take all the blocks I had as a woman coaching business men. Within the hr. I had a man calling me interested in my coaching strategy. I've now doubled my potential client base and income by including men. Krista Inochovsky, Financial Advisor, Orlando, FL
  • Wow, How did I get so lucky to have a session with Maria? This session has rocked my life! I had so much energy going on what Maria facilitated me, also I thought I was done with all of that before I even start the session. So many things pop up and Maria did an amazing and powerful facilitation. I am amazed how fast she did it. Thank you so much Maria. I am so grateful. Celine Andrillon. Paris, France








May 19 and 26, 11:30 EST - Webinar- The World
Tickets are limited

May 19 and 26, 11:30 EST - LIVE CALL

Web Conference - The World

By energetically taking away the barriers of receiving money (the blocks that you learned from parents, society or elsewhere) and by experiencing the energy of money, you will create a clear path for money to come into your life.


While eating a truffle in Belgium, I noticed how different it felt than eating a great Fish in Spain or a great steak in Brazil. The steak and the fish felt the same, not the chocolate. Trying always to find the easiest and fastest way to clear my clients from stuckness in their life, while in a chocolate adventure a few weeks ago, I was reminded that chocolate was actually a currency in the 16th and 17th century! I then realized that chocolate and money have actually a similar energy. We already know and have experienced that energy and I am ready to show you how it can work for you!


Having said that, How easy would it be for us to become the energy of money through chocolate? Come and join me in this delicious adventure where we will clear the blocks that you have with money and earning it. How much fun are we going to have?


Do you love money as much as you love chocolate? Does it taste as good? What is easier, to ask a friend a piece of chocolate or $10?


We'll be working with massive clearings to free you from receiving all the money the Universe is ready to gift you. What if you invest in this workshop and your whole reality with money changes? What if you give yourself this present?


This is such a powerful class that as soon as you register, it will begin to work on your energetic field towards earning more money in your life! 



Day 1 - Grasp and Be the Decadent Energy of Money Through CHOCOLATE!

Day 2- Love and Delight yourself with you as much            as you do it with chocolate so money would long to embrace you!


Live Conference Call / Webinar

From anywhere in the World

Where Wealthy Minds Arise
With the Affluent Energy of Chocolate

2 Session Workshop

  • Is money scarce in your life?

  • Do you always have just enough to pass by?

  • Do you earn enough money to put 10% away for you and 10% just for fun?

  • Do you have a block in receiving more than you need?

  • Do you end up not having enough to pay the bills?


By investing in this workshop you will be able to take all the blocks away, get rid of your money problems so you can live a plentiful life!

May 19 and 26, 11:30 EST USA - Webinar- The World
Tickets are limited

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